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I’m even considering Orc male dk. But I’m gonna wait till the new models come out for Draenor.

Ugh got so much to do before expansion cuz of some of the stuff they are taking out. Me, Charles, and my bro are farming old raids and doing achievements and stuff while trying to farm rep for current content at the same time. Oh and even maybe stick in pvp too.





You know what I haven’t reblogged in a while? OTTERS. 


There is no way that I can scroll past baby otters and not re-blog them!

first one is like ‘i made this.’

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I’m really tempted to race change my undead death knight into a Tauren. As much as I like the undeads, they don’t look great in plate or anything that’s pants. Robes look great but the plate look I’m not into. So asparagus the undead to Tauren? Or maybe blood elf? iono :/



does anyone have that comic where Phoenix and Layton are sitting there and Phoenix’s hair keeps growing horizontaly and Layton’s hat is growing vertically


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God damn all the feels in Haikyuu! for this week’s episode. I’m getting super emotional with these characters holy crap. This is a first for me for a sports anime. Can’t wait for the next coming episodes where they climb back up.

Decided I needed a new headset since the current one was hurting my head and ears after I’ve had it on for hours.


good to see you

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Gahh the turban is ugly :( I need some kind of hood to replace it.

zetx said: You guys should check out Archeage~ It’s…. different! And so pretty.

Nah I’m done with looking for other mmos. I’m sticking to wow for a while. I already pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor :B

I haven’t been on tumblr in a while actively due to playing WoW again. I will have to edit some videos sometimes once I manage to take a break long enough >.>

I finally reached 90 on my priest though. Gonna work on my Druid next. I also just went and boosted my hunter to 90 mainly to start catching rare hunter pets :B

I knew sailor jupiter’s voice sounded familiar. I love that girl’s voice in kill la kill, Ryuko Matoi.

Man I totally forgot about Dark Legacy web comics after I quit wow and it’s still funny hehe.




how time flies

you aged really well

Pokemon trainers don’t age

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There’s one other name you might know me by…

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