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I love animals, art, food, video games, and whatever that amuses me. Sometimes it's nsfw stuff posted. I'm always up for talking about anything and nothing so don't be afraid to ask :D
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Yep I thought about taking out the lip piercings out all day and I’m ok with it. Gonna take them out tonight.

I’m thinking of retiring my lip piercings. It was a good 4 years but just in case if I have to deal with receding gums. Even if I don’t have any signs yet.

Ughhhh I feel like shit today… Goddamn allergies making it feel like it’s a cold. But on a funny note me n my hubby were talking about how McDonald’s chicken nuggets aren’t the same now as we grew up with. Those nuggets back then were juicy and tasty and I miss it :/

I feel like I’m in a weird mood. I’m at work but I feel excited over nothing in particular but just sitting here spacing out. Might be the weather or just stressed enough my mind is just trying to keep me from burning out. I really wanna draw right now but I took my sketchbook out of my bag and left it out home. I at least have scrap paper here.

Like srsly look at this hunky shaman :3

I really wanna read the Warcraft books now. I have the biggest crush on Thrall haha.

My new undead model priest :D

She betrayed Ronan. He’s coming back for her. And when he does… (x)

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garrus vakarian + textpost meme

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"Finally, getting the respect I deserve!"

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"Just touched down in Noveria.  This place sucks.  You know what might make it suck less?  If these two jerks stopped bitching about how cold it is.  I let them borrow the only two scarves I have in my closet only for them start complaining about the colors.

@CitadelCouncil if you ever need me to do anything on this planet ever again, please kindly go F*** yourself.  That goes for you too, @AdmiralHackett.”

More ME1 Shepard-instagram silliness.  Seriously, these two do not stop complaining about the cold throughout the Noveria mission.

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